Individual Papers

Individual Papers were called for on selected topics in order to enrich and broaden the views and work, of the PIARC Technical Committees. Papers were reviewed by the PIARC Technical Committees.

All authors of accepted papers had the opportunity to present their paper at Poster Sessions. 

1 Evolution of road and transport administrations
2 Accountability
3 Fighting corruption
4 Road financing and funding
5 Circular economy
6 Climate change mitigation and adaptation – The role of transport authorities
7 Environmental commitments
8 Ex ante appraisal of transport projects
9 Ex post evaluations of infrastructure projects
10 Risk management
11 Low cost solutions for networks monitoring
12 ITS Architectures oriented to services for road networks operations and improvement of mobility
13 Information to users and system efficiency for maximized acceptability
14 Motorcyclists in urban areas
15 How to better enforce the dedicated lanes use?
16 Commuting from home to work in large cities
17 Evolution of heavy commercial vehicle design and regulation
18 Challenges of urban freight
19 Infrastructure assessment and monitoring against heavy traffic loads
20 Winter service strategies and climate change
21 Multimodality and climatic adversity in winter
22 Advanced technologies and management of winter crisis
23 Rural roads
24 Road safety investments and planning
25 Transportation safety and land use
26 Safety of vulnerable road users
27 Systemic safety approach to combat driver distraction and fatigue
28 Sustainable road tunnels operations
29 Safety measures for people with reduced mobility in road tunnels
30 Road tunnels in multi-modal systems
31 Management of road assets
32 Road pavements
33 Road bridges
34 Optimal use of local materials
35 Slope and foundation drainage and storm water management
36 Maintenance techniques for unpaved roads in developing countries