Comunicaciones individuales

16 - Posters Los desplazamientos domicilio-trabajo en las grandes ciudades

Travels from home to work for the inhabitants of the suburbs of large cities are long, difficult and costly for consumers. These are often captives of individual modes.

Papers are invited on good practices in terms of organization of transport services to provide residents of the suburbs good transportation conditions (costs for user, duration, comfort) for their travel from home to work. Papers should distinguish two types of areas (the city centre itself and the rest of the urban area) and recall for each type of area:

  • the characteristics of the area (surface, population and jobs),
  • provision of public transport (length of lines, number of stops, organization of transport chains, etc.) by type of territory with a focus on the organization of multimodal hubs,
  • transport demand (number of trips from home to work), and its distribution (modal split) by type of area,
  • administrative organization,
  • indication of costs for users and the community.