Nov. 5, Thu. 9:00-12:40

Room 317

Chair: Mr. Cyril FABRE, Head of Airfield Pavement, AIRBUS, ICAO PSG& AOSWG Member, France

Part 4. Renewal of the Aircraft Classification Number (ACN) / Pavement Classification Number (PCN) with the Multi-Layers-Linear-Elastic-Analysis (ML²EA) principles

Presentation of the work of the ICAO- Pavement Subgroup
• Mr. Cyril FABRE, AIRBUS, France
Presentation (WS-AF3-Fabre-E .ppt.pdf)
• Mr. Géraud VAURS, AIRBUS, France
Presentation (WS-AF3-Vaurs-E .ppt.pdf)
• Mr. Damien MOUNIER, French Civil Aviation Technical Centre (STAC), France
Presentation (WS-AF3-Mounier-E .ppt.pdf)


Break 10:30-11:10

Part 5. Airfield Design, Construction and Maintenance in Korea

Chair: Mr. Jin-Hoon JEONG, Inha University, South Korea

Introduction to Part 5
• Mr. Jin-Hoon JEONG

Airport Pavement Evaluation Logic and Smart PMS Program of KAC.
• Mr. Pyung-Jin KWAK, Korea Airports Corporation, South Korea
Presentation (WS-AF3-Kwak-E .ppt.pdf)

Development of Deduct Value Curve for Airfield Pavement in Korea.
• Mr. Nam-Hyun CHO, Incheon International Airport Corporation, South Korea
Presentation (WS-AF3-Cho-E .ppt.pdf)

Design Methodology of Airfield Concrete Pavement in Korea.
• Mr. Jin-Sun LIM, Inha University, South Korea
Presentation (WS-AF3-Lim-E .ppt.pdf)


Closure of the workshop

• Mr. Cyril FABRE