Nov. 3, Tue. 09:00 - 12:40

Hall E 5~6

Chair: Mr Rudolf DIETERLE, Former Director General of Roads, Switzerland

Part 1. Where We Are and What Can We Expect in The Coming Two Decades Regarding The Technology of Automotive Vehicles (Motorisation and Equipment) and Their Operation?

Examining mobility pattern of electric vehicle: a case study of Jeju Island, South Korea.
• Mr. Sanghoon SON, Research scientist, Jeju Development Institute, South Korea

Evolution of heavy vehicles for a better efficiency of road transport.
• Mr. Bernard JACOB, Deputy Scientific Director, IFSTTAR, France
Presentation (SP04-Jacob-E .ppt.pdf)

The Road Operator’s Digital Infrastructure for Connected and Automated Vehicles.
• Mr. Patrick SON, Senior Technical Programs Specialist, ITS America

Break 10:30 - 11:10

Part 2. Why and How to Prepare The Road System for Future Vehicles (Infrastructure Aspects and Regulatory Issues)

Perspectives of evolution of the motorization of passengers cars.
• Mr. Anders EUGENSSON, Volvo Cars, Sweden
Presentation (SP04-Eugensson-E .ppt.pdf)

Panel discussion

• Mr. Jacques EHRLICH, Chair of PIARC TC 2.1 Road Network Operations, France
Presentation (SP04-Ehrlich-E .ppt.pdf)


• Chair: Mr. Rudolf DIETERLE