Nov. 5, Thu. 9:00-12:40

Grand ballroom 103

Chair: Mr. Don HOGBEN, Chair of TC 2.3, Australia


Moving Freight Transport Forward: Green, Smart and Efficient.
• Mr. Rikard ENGSTROM, Member of TC 2.3, Sweden
Presentation (C23-Engstrom-E .ppt.pdf)

High-Speed Weigh in Motion: from heavy goods vehicles overload screening toward direct enforcement.
• Mr. Bernard JACOB, Member of TC 2.3, France
• Mr. Bernard JACOB, Member of TC 2.3, France
Presentation (C23-Jacob-E .ppt.pdf)

Coordinating road and maritime highways to improve freight transportation.
• Mrs. Teresa ADAMS, Member of TC 2.3, USA
Presentation (C23-Adams-E .ppt.pdf)

Developments in freight transport in Abu Dhabi.
• Mr. Jonathan JAMES, United Arab Emirates.
Presentation (C23-James-E .ppt.pdf)


Break 10:30-11:10

Urban Freight Management

Framework for citywide road freight transport management.
• Mr. Eiichi TANIGUCHI, Member of TC 2.3, Japan
Presentation (C23-Taniguchi-E .ppt.pdf)

Challenges and good practices in urban freight in Europe.
• Mr. Martin RUESCH, Member of TC 2.3, Switzerland

Presentation (C23-Ruesch-E .ppt.pdf)

Using the NEEC experience in road transport to protect the supply chain.
• Mr. Carlos SANTILLAN, Member of TC 2.3, Mexico
Presentation (C23-Santillan-S .ppt.pdf)



• Mr. Don HOGBEN