Nov. 3, Tue. 15:00-18:40

Grand ballroom 101+102

Chair: Mr. Brendan NUGENT, Chair of TC 1.1, Australia

Introduction and overview of TC activities

Working Group 2: Guide to good performance

Presentation (C11-Colegate (Opening)-E .ppt.pdf)

Introduction to the practical use of the performance framework guide.
• Mr. Alan COLEGATE, WG 2 co-leader, Australia
Presentation (C11-Colegate (Case Studies)-E .ppt.pdf)
• Mrs. Mara CAMPBELL, WG 2 co-leader, United States

Case study countries.
• Ms. Anne-Severine POUPELEER, Member TC 1.1, Belgium
Presentation (C11-Poupeleer-E .ppt.pdf)
• Ms. Sophie TEKIE, Member TC 1.1, Namibia

Socio-economic evaluation of a transport safety agency - validating accountability and benefits.
• Mr. Petri MONONEN, Industrial Engineering and Management, Faculty of Technology, University of Oulu, Finland

Presentation (C11-Mononen-E .ppt.pdf)

Break 16:30-17:10

Working Group 1: Evolution of the Mission and Structure of Transport Administrations

General outcome.
• Mr. Alex WALCHER, WG 1 co-leader, Austria
Presentation (C11-Walcher-E .ppt.pdf)
• Mr. Jonathan SPEAR, WG 1, co-leader, United Arab Emirates

Case study countries.
• Ms. Agneta WARGSJO, Member TC 1.1, Sweden
Presentation (C11-Wargsjo-E .ppt.pdf)
• Mr. Alan COLEGATE, WG 2 leader, Australia
• Mr. Sylvestre KOTCHOFA, Member TC 1.1, Benin
• Mr. André BERNARD, Member TC 1.1, France
Presentation (C11-Bernard-E .ppt.pdf)

Panel Discussion